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Return to Play Safety Protocols


To read our complete Return to Play Safety Protocols, please click on the link here Return to Play Protocols.pdf



  • The Cayuga Skating Club -- Return to Skate Protocol will be e-mailed to all members and posted on the website. This includes contact information for the CSC COVID-19 Over- sight Group, the Daily Screening Questionnaire and the Skate Ontario Waiver.
  • On-going communication to the membership will be sent via e-mail and posted on the website.
  • Any changes to the current COVID-19 RESPONSE Plan will be communicated via e-mail to the membership and posted on the
  • The COVID-19 oversight group will follow up with any individuals who become unwell with symptoms of COVID-19 during club/skating school


 COVID-19 Club Oversight Group


The purpose of this group is to oversee the implementation of safety and health guidelines within the Club.

The following individuals will be acting as the COVID-19 Club Oversight Group as we transition back to skating activities:




Kelly Edgar


Liz Berestecki


Lynda Thompson



Should you have any questions about any aspects of the COVID-19 Safety Plan and Return to Play protocols or other policies and procedures related to COVID-19, please contact one of the individuals above.



All Club activities must adhere to all federal, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, by-laws and orders as they may exist from time to time. This includes but is not limited to compliance with:

  • All those entering the arena, will be required to answer the Covid screening question each week be asked by our volunteers.
  • Individuals will follow facility guidelines for entrance into the arena, physical distancing while putting on skates and exit from the arena
  • All individuals entering the facility must wear a non-medical face mask
  • Skaters are NOT required to wear a mask while on the ice for their lesson
  • All individuals entering the facility will complete the COVID-19 daily screening questionnaire
  • All individuals will sanitize hands upon entrance into the arena
  • Participants may follow entrance instructions to the ice pad and choose a marked space within the area to put on and take off skates, we suggest that you put on your skates and wear your skate guards into the arena.
  • There is a limit of 10 people to each dressing/change room
    • Individuals using the dressing/change rooms will access these rooms no more than 20 minutes prior to the scheduled rental time and till leave within 20 minutes after leaving the ice surface
    • Washroom facilities are available
    • Parent, guardian or other adult for each athlete - one accompanying such an athlete is expected to follow facility guidelines with respect to physical distancing, must remain at least 2m apart and wear a face mask.
    • Those sitting in the stands must follow physical distancing, unless you are from the same household.
    • All individuals that are exempt from wearing a mask or face covering due to medical reasons must identify themselves
      • The Club must provide facility staff a list of individuals who have a mask or face covering exemption
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